About us
We are a small company which has historically focused on the TV and Film production industries. Most of our clients have been traditionally based around Soho or in Shoreditch, with some as far afield as Oxford and Bristol, and have included production and post-production companies, agencies and other content producers. We have undertaken projects such as moves, system renewals and upgrades.

The scope of our projects has included wired and wireless networking, internet connectivity, editing/production storage (EditShare), nearline storage (QNAP), archiving (LTO/cloud), CCTV, telephones and the technical design of facilities and edit suites. We have had more than 25 years experience working with editing systems such as Avid and latterly Adobe.

We have worked with architects, designers and other engineers, and have extensive experience of collaborating with contractors and other trades as part of a project.

In September 2022, the decision was made to no longer continue the business as a full service IT company. This means that we have passed on our service contracts and intend in future to concentrate solely on specific project and consultancy work.

The company is now based on Somerset, UK.