We are a small company that focuses predominantly on the TV and film production industries. Most of our clients are London based, and comprise production and post-production companies, agencies and other content producers. We undertake projects such as system renewals, upgrades and physical moves, but an equally important part of our business is to provide ongoing support, maintenance, system monitoring and management services. Our attention to detail and service levels are geared towards building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

Recent projects have covered wired and wireless networking, internet connectivity, editing/production storage (EditShare), nearline storage (QNAP), archiving (LTO/cloud), CCTV, telephones and the technical design of facilities and edit suites. We have over 20 years experience working with editing systems such as Avid and latterly Adobe.

We have the management ability required for co-ordinating complex long term projects, working with architects, designers and other engineers, and collaborating with trusted specialist subcontractors as required. By involving us early in projects such as the specification and fit out of new premises, our clients invariably save on time, money and stress.